legacy map

Legacy Map, Second Attempt

After a couple hours of work with gimp I’ve manged to clean up the map I drew the other day. Not bad I have to say for someone of my limited artistic ability.

5 Fantastical European Locations

  Sometimes when you’re dreaming up locations for your writings or just have a case of writers block looking at real world locations can give you much needed inspiration.  To that end I’ve found five places in Europe that have an almost fantastical appearance.  All of these are real places that anyone can visit but…

Making Art from Old Books

By Alexander Ballard Published January 15, 2014 The other day I came across some incredible art by an artist Guy Laramee.  He’s created some impressive landscapes by carving books.  Its some really incredible out of the box thinking and design.  Just another great example of some of the original artwork and creativity that is going on…