Legacy – Synopsis

In one night of fire and blood the thousand year history of the Elysium Empire came to end. Nothing withstood the relentless march of the armies Praxis. The ancient walls of the capital crumbled beneath their might, the city burned, and imperial family lay butchered in their beds.  Through the chaos and death only one faint hope remained a child. A prince without an empire, snatched away in the night by the last of imperial guard all that remains of unbroken chain rulers

Twelve long years have passed.  The baby is now a young man living in hiding, an exile within a land that is rightfully his.  Those quiet days of peace are all about to come to close.  His enemies have at last caught his scent and the hunt beings again. But the world has changed.  Those golden days of power and glory that the prince has heard of his whole life are a long over, it has now become place that neither wants nor needs him.  The time has come for Archon Kane the last of the imperial guard to guide the prince to his destiny.  But the fates play cruel tricks and no matter how fast they run death and destruction are always on their heels.


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