Tricks and Traps – Part 10


red eyes

Jennifer knew better then to be out this late at night but where Abbey led she followed. The 9th Circle hadn’t really been her scene but Abbey loved to go all out showing as much skin as possible and downing lines of shots.   Crimson lights and dance music blaring away and guys hitting on her left and right Abbey had been in her eliminate while Jennifer had struggled just to keep up.

Guy didn’t pay the kind of attention to Jennifer that they did to Abbey. Her face just wasn’t nearly as perfect, her legs not as long, her breasts not as round and pert, and stomach not as flat.  But when one guy had gotten a little too friendly with Jennifer Abbey had leapt in to mark her territory. Making sure he knew that Jennifer was hers.

It’s not like Jennifer didn’t get upset and annoyed by Abbey’s attitude sometimes it’s just that she could never stay made at her for long. Abbey really cared for her and that’s was all that mattered. It also didn’t help that Abbey knew just what to do to make Jennifer melt in her hands.  The taste of lips, the way she nibbled on her ear and the crook of her finger would have Jennifer eagerly chasing after Abbey without a second thought.  And if Abbey got into one of her moods Jennifer just felt crushed by depression and would do whatever took to make Abbey happy again.

Now Jennifer was standing by herself outside the club. Abbey had been sandwiched between two guys grinding on the dance floor before they had left and they were now just at the edge of the alley trying to convince Abbey to go home with them.  Jennifer knew she wouldn’t she just enjoyed the game and attention. But it meant while they tried their hand Jennifer was left standing in the cold.

While standing on the street couples and groups passing her by Jennifer couldn’t help but notice a strikingly beautiful woman on her own walking out of the 9th circle like she owned the place.  She was overflowing with confidence her eyes seeing everything and when they locked with Jennifer’s it sent a shock to her system and tingle of excitement as she lost herself in those eyes.

“You look to sweet to be in place this on your own.” The woman asked her voice flirty and playful.

“I’m not. I’m with someone they’re just over their right now…” Jennifer replied trying to seem casual as she pointed towards Abbey.  “I’m Jennifer, I’m sorry for starring.”

“I’m used to it. You should get yourself home this isn’t the place for a nice girl to be.  And it’s long past time for all good little girls to be in bed.”


“I didn’t ask a question, keep that up and you’ll only find yourself in trouble.  Watch out there are dangers in the dark.” The woman said as she smiled and walked way.

“Wait I don’t even know your name.”

“V, and no I’m not on any of the social networks so don’t bother looking.” Jennifer couldn’t help but feel disappointed as quickly as this exciting and mysterious woman had walked into her life she was gone.

“Who was that?” Abbey yelled appearing from nowhere her lipstick a little smudged.

“No one…  She just said I she go home.” Jennifer replied meekly.

“I bet.”

“It’s true nothing happened.  Don’t be upset.  We’ve had a good night tonight haven’t we? Please can’t we just go home? You know you’re the most important person in the world to me.”

“You have a funny way of showing it sometimes.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You just make me so angry sometimes flirty with other people like that.  I thought we had something special that we meant something to each other.” Abbey ranted.

“We do.” Jennifer started to say before Abbey turned and stormed off in huff causing Jennifer to chase after her.   Abbey was half way down the street heels clicking against the pavement before she turned down a street and Jennifer lost sight of her. Panicking about being abandoned she took of her shoes and ran as fast as she could to catch up.  Turning the corner she could see the long side street, lights high above making the street ahead appear far away. She could see the silhouette of Abbey storming on ahead and the click of heels echoing against the walls as she ran.

“Abbey. Slow down. Please wait.” Jennifer called out but never got a response.  Tears were flowing down her face and she ran along the cold wet side street trying to catch up.  But no matter how fast she ran or how loudly she called she couldn’t seem to get any closer to Abbey.  The street ahead seemed no closer, the lights above still shining brightly apart from the occasional flicker as she desperately carried on.

Slowly her worry turned to fear the woman’s warning ringing in her ears. Abbey wasn’t one to be this mean to her, she might storm off but she always let Jennifer catch up.  She wouldn’t, couldn’t abandon her could she?

“Abbey please talk to me!” Jennifer called out. But got no reply and the clicking of heels quietly faded away.  Turning she tried to go back the way she came but instead of the long street she had been running down there was only a brick wall.  Turning forwards again she found the street divided in two directions neither of which had been there before.   Lost and confused she ran to the left down a twisting series of alleys the smelt far fouler then anything she had previously imagined.  The alleys branching off in several directions Jennifer picking a path at random trying to remember what she could about mazes and if she had heard of anything like this.  All the while her heart felt like it was going to be torn in two as she was terrified wondering what had happened to Abbey.

The twisting alleys gave way to wider path and Jennifer could almost hear the sound of the busy street and see the people passing by.  But then from a dark unlit corridor she could her a familiar sobbing and ran towards it as fast as she could.  There curled up in a ball rocking on the ground was Abbey tears flowing down her face and makeup ruined but still the most beautiful sight that Jennifer had ever seen.  Without hesitation she held on to Abbey, embracing her tightly and talking soft soothing words to try and calm her down.

“It’s okay Abbey.  I’m here. It’s going to be okay.” Jennifer said softly.

“Jennifer… I was so alone and scared.” Abbey kissed her savouring the human contact and then resting her head on Jennifer’s shoulder.” “Where are we, what’s going on. I don’t know where I am.”

“It’s going to be okay we’re together and the street is just around the corner we can’t be far from the bus terminal. We’ll be on the bus back home and we can forget all about this night.”

“I want to go home.”

“We will come on, your mom will make us breakfast in the morning when she gets in from work just like always. By Monday when we’re in school this will be nothing but a bad dream.”  Jennifer held out her hand and guided Abbey to her feet.  But the passage she had come from seemed to be missing.  Pausing confused the lights flickering Jennifer didn’t know what to do.  Abbey was counting on her to get them home but the only way out seemed to leader further into darkness past rotting garbage and decaying waste.

Standing still as she could Abbey pressed tightly against her Jennifer closed her eyes and tried to remember how she had come here to begin with.  Opening them one of the lights had gone out the alleys felt like it being in encouraged on by darkness and fear.  She blinked for only a second and another light went out. Surrounding them with a wall of shadows that had taken on a vicious quality.  There was nothing and no one around that she could see and yet something primal told her to run.  To get as far away from there as possible.  The lights continued to go out distorting the brick alleyway into grotesque forms and the only sound Abbey’s sobbing and terrified words.

At last there was just a single circle of light illuminating them both the source of the light an old bulb just out of reach. It began to flicker precariously, threatening to go out at any minute.  Jennifer looked for something to use as weapon but the second she turned away everything plunged into darkness.  Holding tightly to Abbey the two girls clutched together for safety as two red eyes moved towards them.  Jennifer could hear the sound of heavy breathing and slathering jaws as something big and hungry advanced on them.


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