Best Anime of 2012

In my continuing desire to share my love of anime here are my picks for the top shows of 2012.

1 – Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

The Rebuild of Evangelion is the reimaging of the classic series.  In the third movie the story has completely diverged from the original storyline. It picks up 14 years after the third impact and everything is bigger, and more epic than the original.  From flying carrier fleets, to giant robot battles on a mountain of skulls.  It has it all.

evangelion_redo_01 evangelion_redo_02

evangelion_redo_03 evangelion_redo_04

2 – Fate/Zero

Fate Zero dark, violent, and bloody this series features a highlander style clashes between legendary heroes and powerful wizards were the last one standing gains control of the grail. Scenes of evil and vicious characters that do terrible things to each other are interspaced with morality lessons.  Betrayal and deception abound in the bloody battle to have any wish the winner can imagine granted by the legendary grail.

fate zero assassin fate zero beserker

fate zero rider fate zero archer

3 – Hagure Yuusha no Estetica (Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero)

What to do you get when lecherous teenager who can manipulate the body’s energies and is as skilled warrior? You get Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero.  Born on earth and summoned to an alternate dimension were he defeat the ultimate evil of that world only to return to his own world with the daughter of the evil warlord. He now attends a school for other gifted students who have visited other worlds and gained magical abilities.

rouge_hero_01 rouge_hero_02

rouge_hero_03 rouge_hero_04

4 – Sword Art Online

Thousands of unsuspecting gamers become trapped in a MMORPG were they must battle with their lives on the line.  If they die in the game then they die in real life.  Their only chance for survival is to win the game and gain the freedom for everyone still alive.  The players develop lives in this new world while dealing with emotional stress and danger that of the monsters and other players that inhabit the world.

sword art online sword art online

sword art online sword art online

5 – K

A seemingly nice aloof teenager is accused of murdering an important figure in one of the most powerful magic powered gangs in the city.  He along with his pet cat who can manipulation minds and illusions and a samurai named the black dog struggle to find the truth.

K_01 K_02

K_03 K_04

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