Top 5 Anime Series

I’ve been a bid fan of Anime for many years and I’ve seen many different series in my personal collection I have around 170 different anime series, ovas, and movies. So I’d thought I share some of my favorites with the world.  To start off I’ll give a list of my 5 all time favorites.  In all of them you’ll find plenty of humor generally from either absurd situations or mundane situations with people who don’t understand them.  My preference is also ways subbed versions to dubbed since there is just something I find lack about the English voice over versions they just always seem lacking.

I’ll be sharing some of my other favorite anime series later on but for now enjoy.  What about you have a top 5 favorite anime series?

1 – The Legend of Black Heaven

Black Heaven is about a man named Oji Tanaka who was the lead guitarist in a band back in his university days.  The band mates have all since gone their separate ways and his days of playing music are long over. He now is now trapped in a dull humdrum life.  He lives in a tiny one room apartment with his wife and young son and gets up every day to go to a job he hates. Until one day a beautiful woman walks into his life offers to take him to heaven.  Oji’s one hit song is the key to activate alien ultimate weapon and their only chance to win a war beginning waged across the universe.


2 – Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu

Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu is the absurd and hilariously wonderful set of side stories set between Full Metal Panic! Season 1 and 2.  Rather than the military and mecha focus of the main story line Fumoffu focuses on the romantic comedy of everyday high school life for the main characters.

Sousuke Sagara is former child soldier and currently an elite member of a private military assigned to guard normal high school girl Kaname Chidori who is one of the whispered.  Unfortunately Sousuke lacks any basic common sense or understanding of everyday life and so often misinterprets or handles everyday situations in bizarre and hilarious ways. Such as blowing up his locker after notice someone has left something inside.




3 – Read or Die OVA

Read or Die OVA has one of the most unusual and ridiculous sounding plots but it is a great action adventure story. ROD is about a special operations agent of the British Royal Library known as The Paper. She has the innate ability to manipulate paper. She can turn books into walls, swords, shields, or even a paper airplane that can fly through the air. Together with her partner Miss Deep who can move through sold matter at will they fight against a terrorist organization made up of genetically engineered clones of historic geniuses trying to destroy the world.
read_or_die_01 read_or_die_02

read_or_die_03 read_or_die_04

4 – Love Hina

Ahh Love Hina poor Urashima Keitaro two timed failed applicant to Tokyo University. He ends up manager of an all girl dorm where he is bullied, taken advantage, and mistreated but the eccentric group of students living there.  All the while trying to study for the next entrance exam so he can get into Tokyo University and fulfill his promise to reunite with a girl from his childhood who he can’t remember. Mutsumi Otohime is also clearly the best choice of the girls in the show for Keitaro. Not to mention this how has one of my favorite theme songs.

Mutsumi Otohime Liddo-kun

Mecha-Tama Urashima Keitaro

5 – Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Muyo this series takes me back it was one of the first I ever watched.  There are many flavors of Tenchi Muyo but the original and its direct sequel are still my favourite.  It has it all really humour, lovely pets, and grand space battles. Tenchi is descended from the great hero Yosho and ends up living with a space pirate, two alien princesses, a cute and ditzy blond detective with the galaxy police, a genius scientist, and of course Ryo Ohki an intelligent cat/rabbit creature that can fly, walkthrough walls, and turn into a space ship, in many ways the perfect pet.



tenchi tenchi muyo

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