Tricks and Traps – Part 7

G-Tang flashed one of her dirtiest looks as I walked into the club which quickly turned into a condescending pout.  She was dressed to the nines in a tight shinny silk dress so short that it barely covered her ass. G-Tang’s makeup was as always glamorous but layered on so thick and heavy that you couldn’t call her anything but trashy.

“Well if it isn’t everyone’s favourite social disease.” G-Tan Mocked.

“Funny, that joke never gets old.” I replied.

“Unlike you, I think I can see crow’s feet around your eyes you should really see someone about that.”

“At least I’m not some kind of plastic fantastic sex toy.”

“Ouch, I didn’t hear Sark complaining the other night.”

“If I only dated men who hadn’t had your legs wrapped around their head at some point then I’d have to become a nun.”

“That would suit you better.  Since you’re so frigid you can’t keep your man from stepping out on you all the time.” G-Tang carried on venomously. I could barely hold back my anger and the temptation to slap the bitch across her smug face.  But getting thrown out of Zanzibar would only cause problems for in the future and would make G-Tang laugh her barely covered ass off.  No better to just walk away and down a couple shots of tequila to calm down until Mr. Lee was free.

There were plenty of people dancing to the techno beats girls with boys, girls with girls, boys with boys, all one big hot sweaty mass of seething flesh and lust.  Sufficiently lubricated it was all I could do from taking advantage of the nearest person.  My blood was still pumping from the hunt, and the tequila and music were firing all the right neurons in my brain to make me want to douse the burning needed inside with the first sexy person I could find.

Much to my disappointment or relief, before I could pounce a goon in a suit came over to let me know that Mr Lee wanted the pleasure of my company.   He led me through the throng of sweat and flesh up a sweeping stair case to the VIP area.  It was private and from here you could watch the crowd below or conduct business undisturbed or both.  Mr. Lee sat in the corner dressed in a tailored silver suit with the largest gold watch his wrist could support.  His eyes were hidden behind a pair of designer sunglasses, to some a vain attempt to look cool but I knew that they hid his disfigured right eye.  Normally there were would be at least two beautiful women on either of his arms but at the moment they were holding up the bar with a bottle of bubbly to keep them company.

Mr. Lee was one of the Nuevo rich Chinese who had come over in the last great migration wave when Beijing opened up its boards to most of the world.  His parents had made their money in some way or another that was probably best not discussed in public and he had reaped the benefits.  Wanting for nothing, able to buy, or rent whatever and whoever he wanted Mr. Lee had lived a life that most would kill for and frequently did.

But beyond the rich kid who could want for nothing was also an ambitious businessman whose success in the Kine organ trade was burgeoning into a small empire.  He wasn’t the only game in town far from.  There were at least a half a dozen other people I could sell my latest harvest to and still might if the offer wasn’t satisfactory.  But if it often paid in the long wrong to make a man feel special and so I almost always offered my goods to him first.

I pulled up a seat across from Mr. Lee in the booth and found a waiting raspberry mojito.  Taking a sip I smiled in thanks and Mr. Lee nodded in response.

“Well this is a treat.  How is implacable V on this fine night?” Mr. Lee asked.

“As good as always, I do apologize for not making myself more presentable.  But I wanted to deliver the fruits of my latest hunt while they were still fresh.” I replied.

“You need never apologize, or worry about your appearance.  So what have you got for me?” I reached into her jacket and removed several vacuumed sealed bags and placed them on the table.

“These are all fresh from a flesh dancer I killed in the Hive, one crystalized core still in intact, two venom sacks, and a troika gland. “ Mr. Lee looked through the bags placing them on a small scale and noting down the measurements on a tablet.   The core he inspected with a small lens checking for imperfections and impurities.

“All of this looks good. I think we can do business.” Mr. Lee said after consulting the tablet before he turned it towards me displaying a price that was less than appealing.

“Do we have to do this song and dance every time? Just give me a straight price and enough games.  I’m not in mood to play tonight.” I replied exasperated.

“One must take time to enjoy life but very well.”  Mr. Lee tapped the screen a few times until it showed a price that was closer to what I wanted.

“Better.  Now I should at least be able replace the Q cell I expended taking this bastard down and get my EL Blade fixed.” I replied finishing off my raspberry mojito.

“You’re still using that antique? “

“What can I say, I guess I’m just a creature of habit.  Till next time.”

“I hope I won’t have to wait too long.  Oh and V if you come across another flesh dancer.  I have a client who is willing to pay over the odds for an intact head.”

“You have some sick friends.  But I’ll keep it in mind.”

“And be careful on your way home.  I wouldn’t like to hear that you are the latest girl to go missing around here.” Mr. Lee called out behind her.

“Don’t worry if there is anything dangerous out there tonight it’s me.” I replied with a laugh.  Heading back down to the club floor my phone started flashing with a waiting message.   It was Sark and simply read “If you’re free, why not head over.”   Dammit I cursed realizing I had replied without even thinking about it.  The phone flashed again with a reply “Great pick up a take away on your way over, I’ve suddenly got a taste for Chinese.”   Bitch I called out as I caught sight of G-Tan grinning with her phone in hand.

It was less than half an hour later with a bag full of Chinese food in hand that I arrived at Sark’s door. He greeted me with his trademark smile and a passionate kiss.  Sark was blond, English, and did something involving finance that paid obscenely well. He was good looking and knew it and knew how to turn me to putty in his hands.  It was infuriate and fantastic all at the same time.

“Why don’t you take a shower, and I’ll join you in a few minutes.” Sark said with a smile.

“Don’t be long.” I replied as I headed towards the bathroom shedding cloths as I went.  The day might have started off badly but it was going to end very pleasantly indeed.

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