Inspiration Monday #12 – Skies of Fire



Published December 30, 2013

Last Monday of year and I’ve managed 12 inspiration Mondays, which isn’t great I really need to do at least 26 in 2014.   On well another year ahead to try my best in.   Today I was playing around with Photoshop and manipulated the colours for an old photo of mine to make the one above.  It’s not a great but I don’t know the first thing about photo manipulation which is something I might try learning in the new year, along with a second language, and the guitar.  So if anyone can suggest a good place to learn that would be great.

Skies of Fire

The clouds began to gather, swirling in the distant maelstrom above.   The sky was a shifting storm of deep hued reds and purples.   Hiding the burning ribbons that now twist across the heavens.  The cascade burnt the atmosphere exciting the Van Allen belt causing it to ignite the solar winds into trails that now blaze across the night sky.

I can still remember through the haze of fragmented memories what night had once been like. There were stars shinning against an endless black background and the heat of the day often fell into a cold chill.  Was I a child? Or maybe an adult?  It was all gone now, nothing but snatched fragments since I awoke in this hellish world.

But at night or what now passes for it they come.  The Hunger, out of the dark places to hunt for those few of us still untainted.  Their twisted bodies looming from the shadows to hammer at the door.  I’ve only found a few people like myself but we are doing our best to survive this and hope for a better world to come.

But night has come again.  I can hear them at the door hammering to get in.  Our makeshift axes and spears are ready.  We will survive; we will live to see another sun rise.  They’re coming, more than ever before! The barricades are starting to buckle…

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