Last Week of the Year Writing Update



Published December 31, 2013

I’ve decided to start keep track of my weekly writing progress here on my blog instead of just in my daily tracking journals.  I have been hit or miss the week a couple of days above target and a few zero words days.    I blame the recent bout of grey rainy weather here in Mexico.    Currently I’m working on two books.  The first is ‘The Bound God – Book Two of the Black Prince Saga’ and the second is ‘City on the Edge of Oblivion’

Word Count:

The Bound God – 12,757

City on the Edge of Oblivion – 2,998

Characters sketches for the main characters in City on the Edge of Oblivion

Gemma Moon

  • Fading Hero.
  • Surrounds herself with mementoes of her life for fear of losing those precious memories.
  • Olive skin and redish brown hair.
  • Takes care of a demanding young girl named Georgina.
  • Works for Leo who arranges uses her abilities for his clients nefarious purposes.

Power – Dreamer – Can trap a person in a world of illusion.

Price – The longer the illusion lasts the more of her own memories she burns away.


  • Grounding force.
  • A mature young girl who grounds Gemma in normal life.
  • Lives by strict routines and patterns and refuses to change them.

Bloody Princess

  • Hidden heart and living chaos.
  • Lives a life with thought for the consequences or repercussions of her actions.
  • Loves drinking and dancing and prone to homicidal fits of rage at the slights provocation.
  • Wears a heart shaped locket.
  • Blonde and gorgeous

Power – Improbable Dancer.  Can crystalize weapons and armour around her body.

Price – If she is defeated in battle the person she loves the most will die.


  • The thread of fate
  •  Drives a black hearse and uses some unorthodox devices.
  • Being hunted by an unnamed adversary. 
  • In constant state of jeopardy.
  • Works with strange girl named Shu who talks backwards, lacks all emotions, and can read a short distance into the future using tarot cards.

Those are all I have so far but there will be more to come.

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