Inspiration Monday #11 – Escape from Paradise



Published December 23, 2013

Black smoke stretched like a finger into the sky.  Crimson flames danced high along the mountainside visible for miles in the afternoon sun.  It would be hours before the fires finally burned themselves out. By then everything would be reduced to ash. All evidence gone and no trace I was ever there.  If everything went according to plan then this time tomorrow I would be enjoying a glass of champagne on the deck of a cruise ship with the briefcase locked safely away as I sailed to freedom.

None of this had been my intent when I first arrived. But I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by when it presented itself.  In fact it had almost been too easy. Such a tempting prize just lying there where anyone could get it, how could they not think someone try and take it. Oh sure they have been secretive and quiet.  But all it had taken for me to find out was stumbling into the wrong room after sharing a bottle of tequila with a leggy girl at the bar.

Heck if my plan worked then they would think everything burnt up in that fire. No one was going to come looking for me.  This was it. Life from now on was going to nothing but clear blue skies and beaches.  Heck I might even call that girl again for one last night before I vanished forever.  Wait.  Shit.  My phone.  Where is it?  It had to be somewhere.  I couldn’t have lost it.  Not back there when I…

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