Published December 20, 2013

I’m down in Mexico for the holidays in sunny and far too hot Bucerias. Note that isn’t me in the photo it’s a dog named magic. I’ve found it hard to get into a good writing routine but then I’ve also been busy finalizing everything for my publishing my first novel Legacy. But now that it is out the door its back to work on the two other books I’m writing.

But still you have to procrastinate a little, and the heat and sun makes you tired. Which is why I was looking over some old posts only to discover how many of them started with ‘Well’. It was a shocking and embarrassing discovery. Surely such gross over use of the same opening word can’t be tolerated so I’m going to have make a more conscious effort to find more interest ways to start my posts.

In the meantime I think I’ll have a beer, some sun, and just chill.




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