Legacy Cover Art


Published November 12, 2013

Well after searching for a while I managed to find a talented artist to do the cover art for my first novel Legacy by the name of Christof Grobelski.  It was my first time hiring a freelance artist and I must say I was very impressed with speed and talent of this artist.   He did a fantastic job on creating the cover and was very easy to work with.

I only had a vague idea of what I wanted for the cover I knew it would be the main character Archon Kane but not much more than that.  So I sent over the synopsis and a character description and he produced the following quick sketches.


The third one immediately struck me it had that world weary warrior look that I wanted Kane to portray.   I had a few changes I wanted made to the image like removing the prince from the picture and making Kane look more bloodied and injured. Christof incorporated those suggestions and came up with the following.


Exactly what I was looking for and after that it only him a couple of days to turn that sketch into this final master piece.


What can I say if that cover doesn’t help convince a few people to read my book I don’t know what will.  I would recommend Christof to anyone looking for a cover artist for their own work.

Now I only wish it was this easy to find a decent free lance editor.  I would have thought their were plenty of people with experience in editing fantasy novels who are looking for freelance work.  But sadly that is proving far more difficult then I imagined.  At least here in the UK there just aren’t a lot of people who do that kind of work, that I can find anyway.

But now all that really remains now before I can publish my novel is to get it copy edited which hopefully won’t take much longer.  With a bit of hard work and persistence I hope to find a copy editor this week. Barring any unforeseen problems, or just the repeat of the ones I’ve already experienced.

Well best of luck to all the other budding authors there and NaNoWriMo participants.

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