Inspiration Monday #9 – The journey


Published July 23, 2013

I haven’t posted in far too long in part because my new job consists of long boring days and I just want relax for the hour or two I have at home before I have to call it a night. Let that be lesson when your working day is 13 hours door to door it doesn’t leave time for much else and you have to ask yourself is this really how I want to live my life? But on the other hand it has given me chance to catch up on my reading and I can finally give reading the wheel of time a shot.

Today’s inspiration Monday is inspired by my morning commute and written on my phone as I go.

Grey clouds loomed overhead obscuring what little light the sun could manage so early in the day. Rain drops fell in a slow steady patter along the cold empty streets. In a few hours they would be filled with busy shoppers but for now the only other signs of life were the occasional grim faced street cleaner haphazardly picking up bits trash leaving the streets only slightly cleaner than they were before.

There was little to seen in the dull grey light. In the coming days it would drift closer and closer to black until the journey would begin in darkness. The slow monotonous walk was the same today as it had been in weeks past and weeks yet to come. It was not that the walk was not pleasant or scenic, but making it these early hours when all sensible people were still asleep in their beds and the sameness of daily dreg served to damp any joy it might have brought.

But sadly these things had to be done work was work, and everyone needed money to live. One can only dream of other things of sunny wind swept beaches and balmy nights.

The train stands idling on the track waiting for its first fare of the day. The old bone shaker, every mile of track reverberating through the seat. Nothing to do now but lose oneself in a book like the sole other passenger and forget that this dance would begin again in 11 long hours.

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