Inspiration Monday #5 – City under Glass


Published May 6, 2013

For this weeks inspiration Monday I did some random google image searching until I found this great table. And so I present the story I created based on it.

Inspiration Monday #5 – City under Glass

Elise wandered in empty bliss through the lonely streets.  The tall wooden buildings stretched up into the sky, towering monoliths hollow and unused.  She could not help but feel glee and joy as she danced through the barren streets of glass to a half remembered tune.  She hummed to herself taking in the wonder around her.   This city was like nothing she had ever seen or experienced in her wildest imagination.

There was a lingering thought that fleeted at the edge of her mind that she should be afraid or was it concerned but it was soon replaced by the warm fuzzy glow that seemed to fill this place.  She continued to dance and skip along the road humming as she went.   She occasionally stopped to admire one of the intricately carved store fronts.  There was a tableau of wooden mannequins inside each one.  The mannequins all had the same faceless design, like oversized versions of the dolls she used in art class.

Art class she laughed to herself that had seemed so important at some point, stressing out about finishing that painting.  How silly she had been to worry about that.  Elise began to spin and twirl until she fell over laughing.  Only to have her laughter returned in a deep echoing voice.  Blinking in surprise and smiling in curiosity it was the first hint that there was someone else around.  The laughter echoed again teasing, calling out to Elise, tempting her to find it.

She ran to the nearest corner, peeking round the edge to try and catch sight of the laugher.  But there was no one there.  Then a whistle went out. She turned and playfully chased after the sound.  At last Elise found herself in a square with several other mannequins and dulcet tones of music playing.  A man dressed head to toe in purple sat atop a statue in the centre of the square, his face hidden behind a silver half-moon mask.  He played a haunting tune on a small silver flute and she couldn’t help but letting herself go.

“Welcome to the party dear artist.  Come join the fun.”  The mannequins seemed to move in time to the music. The sound of many voices laughing and chatting arose and the things begin to dim, and Elise let the last of concerns wash away as she became one with the music.

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