Basics of Characters


Published May 5 2013

  • Well Developed
  • Believable
  • Consistent

Characters are one of the key elements of any piece.  They can make or break a novel.  Their actions and reactions to events dictates the flow of the story and impacts how the plot unfolds. In order for characters to work well in a story they have to be well developed living breathing individuals that the reader can relate to.   Nothing kills reader’s interest in the story like a main character that annoys them or they can’t form a bond with.

Characters also need to be believable that doesn’t mean they can’t be over top at times.  But they most exist as real people within the world the story takes place.  Characters that don’t seem real whose actions are inconsistent with the world building have a way of alienating the reader.  Everything a character says and does should come from who they are and the previous events in their life.


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