Inspiration Monday #4 – Anonymous Story


Published April 29, 2013

Well it’s my last Monday here in Mexico and after an enjoyable month in the sun I have to head back to cold rainy England. So I’ve decided to go a little post-apocalyptic for this week’s inspiration Monday


Anonymous Story

Day 0:  An oppressive heat hung in the thick stale air.  There was a linger stench of decay and rot. Wherever I was had been abandoned long ago.  Walls were broken and crumbling, letting in dull reddish light.  Most of the furnishing had been smashed or ransacked.

I found myself laying on a broken mattress more spring then padding.  I tried to remember what had happened and how I’d gotten here but everything was a blank. It didn’t feel like home but whether I’d been brought here or come here myself I couldn’t remember.  There were hazy recollections of something happening but they vanished into the ether when I tried to recall them.

Day 1: I came across a gruesome corpse today. The poor guy looked like he’d been torn apart by wild animals. His eyes were the scariest part they were a dull white with greenish veins and something had caused them to harden. It looked like he had been lying there a long time.

Day 2: I managed to find shelter for the night by barricading myself in the dilapidated shell of a building and I’m glad I did. I was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of something hammering at the door. It scratched and the clawed at the walls, bashing itself against anything that looked weak. I couldn’t see it, I didn’t want to I just tried to stay as quiet as possible while it wailed and roared in frustration. The dawn’s light drove the thing off.

Day 3: Another night of restless sleep. More of those things I’ve named the hunger appeared last night. I think there must have been 3 or 4 of them. I’ve shored up my crude shelter but I don’t think it will hold much longer. I need a weapon or someplace more secure to stay. I’ve made a crude axe out of what I could scavenge. If I run now will they follow?

Day 4: I made a run for it. I spent all day traveling and spent the night in the trunk of an abandoned car. Most of the creatures didn’t follow but at least one did. It managed to break a small hole through the seat of the car leaving me with a few nasty gashes from its claws before I could hack its arm off. I never want to do that again, some of its tar like blood is still stuck to me.

Day 5: I came across a group of bodies on the second floor of a building. It looked like they had been hiding out up there for a while. I wonder if there is anyone else still alive. The scene was more gruesome then the one I found a few days ago. Most of the people had been torn apart but two of them were different. Their skin was pale and they were split in half like human shaped cocoons. Had something bursts its way out of them? Was it the same creatures that have been chasing me? Or was it something else?

Day 6: I’ve been feeling like shit all day. I think the food I scavenged from the hideout yesterday must have gone bad.

Day 7: I found a warehouse today that looked like it would make a good shelter but when I went in to it to investigate I almost screamed in panic there was at least a half a dozen of what I can only assume is the Hunger milling about inside it. They stayed mostly to the shadows. I thought they would notice me for sure but even the ones that moved in my general direction didn’t seem to see me. It was the first time I got a good look those things. They were short, the tallest maybe 5’5”. Their skin cracked and yellowish brown, their limbs long and thin. They also had some kind of smooth black growth on them surrounded by thick black veins.

Day 8: I feel numb my skin is almost ashen grey. It’s happening to me isn’t it? I’m becoming one of them. I’ll be hollowed out and become a Hunger. Why? Why did this have to happen to me?

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