Inspiration Monday #1 – High Heels and Cowboy Boots

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Published April 8, 2013

Ever stare at page nothing coming to mind, or spent so long working on the same piece that it’s in danger of becoming stale and tired.  I know I have.  So I figured the best thing to do to stay fresh was to flex the old creativity muscles and change things up.  Every Monday I plan to find some inspirational images to get the mind flowing and just write something completely different.  Nothing long, just a few hundred words at most.

I was chatting with my little sister and she thinks I should write a trashy romance novel to cash in on the 50 Shades of Grey crowd.  Now it’s not something I’ve ever thought about or ever considered but I will admit to the guilty pleasure of watching Felicia Day’s very funny monthly romance book club show Vaginal Fantasy.   It all seemed like a fun chance to write something completely different and once I found a photo one of relatives took of a pair of high heels and cowboy boots on the beach I had my idea.

High Heels and Cowboy Boots

Catherine, Lady C to her friends stood on the Balcony of the Penthouse Apartment watching the sunrise through her Gucci sunglasses.  Last night’s war paint was smudge but she still looked stunning her red couture dress.   Careful not to wake last night’s stud she grabbed her tiny purse, the last of her bracelets, and snuck out of the hotel room heels in hand.

This was no walk of shame, this confident strut of a woman who knows what she wants and always gets it.  The party had oozed money and success and Lady C loved being at the centre of it all.  John, or Sam, or possibly Mike, whatever his name was had plied her with stories of his wealth and champagne all night. He even flashed his cash by buying her those jimmy choo’s she’d had a picture of on her phone.  Now he had a night he’d remember for the rest of his life and Lady C had a new pair of killer pumps waiting for her.

She swung by one of favourite little boutiques on the way home.  Melanie had the heels boxed and ready for her before she even walked in.  The taxi didn’t have to idle outside very long and before the guy from last night was even awake Lady C was back in her trendy condo.  But it was only a rest stop because today she was getting out of this town.  A quick two hours to bathe and get ready and Lady C was having her pink Prada suit case loaded into the back of the limo to the airport.

A month in Mexico to have a little long overdue work done, and recuperate by the ocean with designer cocktails. And when she got back home no one would be any the wiser.  The doctor was one of the best.  And she’d found a penthouse condo overlooking a beach in a town where there was no chance she’d run into anyone she knew. At least that was the plan anyway.

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