A Begining


Published March 25, 2013

Well it’s taken a few months of work but I’ve finally finished the first draft of my debut novel Legacy Book 1 of the Black Prince Saga.  It came in at 240 pages but that will change with editing.  I’ve got a few sections to cut out that I know just don’t work and a number of improvements and additions to make.   I’m looking forward to finishing the first rewritten and the getting it out to a few people I know to silicate some critical feedback.  One thing I’ve got to say about writing is that if you don’t love doing then don’t try.  It’s a long tiring process that takes a lot of hard work and rewards aren’t great.

Legacy tells the tale of a young prince the last surviving heir to the Elysium Empire his family butchered on the night the great City of Light fell to the armies of the Praxis Republic. Stolen away as the city burned by Archon Kane the head of the imperial guard. After ten long years in hiding the forces of Praxis have finally tracked the young prince down.  Now with powerful forces aligned against him and pursued by ruthless hunters Kane must deliver the prince to a place of safety.

They travel across the remains of the once great empire. A place changed and transformed from the golden age the prince has only heard of in stories into a world of progress and social mobility that no longer wants or needs him.  While Kane engages in a running battle of wits and blades with Falstis the man charged with finding the prince and making him answer for his family’s crimes, the prince must come to terms with his own destiny and decide what path he will take in life.

Their journey is one filled with danger and only brief moments of calm.  As the prince pursues his goal the fates play cruel tricks and death and destruction following at his heels.

If all goes well in the next month or two I’ll be self-publishing it on amazon, google, and itunes.  Then I just have to promote the hell out of it and hope it pays dividends while I make a start on book 2 The Bound God.

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